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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Non-Green Korean Teas

I have written quite a few posts about enjoying Korean Tea, though its quite hard to find, even harder to find without paying an arm and a leg for the tea.  While their greens are good, the Korean teas that haunt me are the Hwang cha/ Balhyocha, and their red/black teas.

For those of you who want a very detailed discussion on the many facets of Korean tea, I will point you to the following two blogs

Mattcha's Blog 
  • Namely for those who have never had Balhyocha or Korean Hwang Cha ( yellow tea) before, the posts in his series discussing what it actually is, and how its not well defined by any of the Chinese Tea Categories.   Here is a link to his first post. 

Morning Crane Tea

These darker oxidized ( sometimes slightly sometimes fully) Korean Teas, continually rank among my favourite teas. Namely for their incredible versatility, they can be great when brewed "gong fu" style, yet for a lazy day of drinking, simply throw them in a teabowl and sip and refill all day long.  Another reason I feel like I enjoy these Balhyocha so much, is the fact that they often improve with age, unlike their green counterparts.  So while they rarely last long in my place, there is less of an issue if it should find itself lingering for awhile.

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