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Friday, September 26, 2014

Tough Decisions, is it time for an end?

I sat down tonight, saying it has been too long since I last posted, I specifically carved out a solid stretch of time to work on a post.  Something I am not used to as my posts had before mostly been written on a whim, when the spirit hit.  Granted the writing probably very well reflected that free and almost rushed to post attitude, however even after sitting down to tea, having a very nice session, words and  topic are still failing me.

I've thought about a variety of topics, some of which fitting my goal for this blog perfectly, however the drive and thoughts weren't there to follow through on them.   Others I felt I could write, but they continued the ongoing trend I've been wanting to break about this blog becoming overly personal, and not really about tea.   Life has been hitting incredibly hard and fast lately, where the time to sit down and enjoy tea is a savored, albeit rare opportunity, the time to write about those rare experiences non existent.

So as the time I have set aside to write, knowing full well my blog has not been updated in what is quickly approaching a quarter of a year.  I think I need to announce a belated prolonged [potentially permanent] hiatus from this blog.   I still will enjoy tea, and still hope to produce the occasional tea video. However I am not sure this blog will continue to serve a purpose for me, and my enjoyment of tea.

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