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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Days that make us Remember

I am not going to lie, for a little while there I had started to forget what it is I actually like about tea, and why I spent so much time drinking it, and learning how to best prepare it.  I think if people spend enough time on anything eventually they will need to step back and reevaluate their situation.  I've found myself several times in the past week being completely able to have tea on multiple occasions, but opting not to for one reason or another, and no reason was really particularly good.  So today after having a wonderful relaxing eight mile run, the weather was too perfect not to spend time outside, and why not brew some tea?

On so many levels I did everything wrong with this tea session, including for three of the four steeps using water that was so scalding I had to set down the water cooler mid pour to re-position my fingers, yet knowing Korean Greens can often use a bit extra heat, assuming you adjust the steep time appropriately (knock it way down!)   The first three infusions turns out quite amazing, however it clearly was too much for the Korean Sejak I was brewing as steep four was pretty much bitter, colored water with no other flavor.  Yet there was something freeing about being outside, looking at my *garden* on my deck, enjoying the breeze, and sipping on tea brewed *wrong* but delicious anyway.

Everyone gets discouraged every once and awhile, it is what we do to either give up or refocus ourselves that makes all the difference.   Cheers!

Oh in case anyone missed it I did manage to record a video a week or so ago, so another Rambling video of me brewing tea is up on Youtube.  Enjoy!

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