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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Sorry for the horrible word play in the title.   However I've been thinking a lot about where tea ranks on my list of priorities lately, and I am not exactly sure.  I view it as an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable diversion, and still enjoy it immensely.  However I've struggled to find the time for it lately, and that is what worries me.  There seems to be an endless battle between working out/ running, drinking tea, and sleep, sadly all three can not happen in the same evening due to tea's effect on my ability to sleep.  Combine this with the fact that for some reason, and I am not 100% sure why, I have only had one somewhat lazy weekend in the past 3 months, which prior to that in this past year was when I could really sit down and focus on tea.

However I do still hope to learn about tea, and share tea with others.  In fact within the past month I have had a group of running friends over for some tea, and opened their eyes to what it can really be.  (For those interested in the line up, we started with Matcha, Sencha, Balhyocha, followed by a 1967 Baozhong.)   That afternoon was quite possibly the most enjoyable tea moment I have had for many years, as it feels good to try and share your passions with others, and I highly encourage any of my readers who have not done so to try and gather a group of friends that don't quite know about tea the way you do and have them over for tea.

I'll keep trying to sip on some tea while I look at my priority list and see if I can bump the lovely leaf up a step or two somewhere in there.

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