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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Isn't it Ironic?

Ohtani Mashahiko Yunomi

I've long stopped wondering about what people google to find this blog, but the past month has caught me chuckling to myself a few times due to the name I happened to choose for this blog and my current field of work.   I'm not sure I've ever explained the reason for the name of this blog, but as it initially was intended to be a tea review blog, I thought well its going to be a blog giving people tips on what tea's they should sip.  Hence "The Sip Tip."

Well within a few years of me creating this blog, several technologies started to emerge to the forefront in Telephony, especially those involving SIP servers using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and its interactions with TCP/IP  (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol).  There was for at least a year in there maybe two or three, any search for something similar to 'sip tip' would produce this blog, and every single other link would involve telephony software's, technologies, and protocols.  I jokingly said to myself I'll have to learn what that is some day to actually figure out what it is.

Flash forward several years, and due to a change of projects with my current employer, I am now immersed in a land of telephony, including dealing with SIP servers, protocols, and communications between massive numbers of servers along internal networks.  So many years after creating a blog called "The Sip Tip"  I am oddly employed in an industry that was possibly the number one cause of accidental clicks on my blog for several years.

In the mean while I will keep on sipping tea, and really try and focus on producing more content, and especially more photographs for this blog!  I apologize it has been a crazy 2014 so far, and I am not sure it is going to get any more sane, as my Marathon training starts to really ramp up, into a fall full of races. 

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