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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Tea Blog Carnival Main Post

Long Jing Leaves take a walk.

So our topic today is: "how do we fit tea into our daily life?"

I choose this topic because I was hoping for some varied responses and definitely got them.

Ginko over at Life in Tea Cup talks about some of the experiences we all tend to come across with lack of general knowledge about tea in the American Public. I especially liked the part about how when glass brewing tea, a coworker was completely taken back at what was in the cup. I myself have had similar responses walking around with a glass thermos full of leaves.

Brett from Black Dragon Tea Bar in almost more pictures than words shares how being a Teashop owner, he really has no problems fitting tea into his day to day life, in fact a bigger challenge might be to try and escape tea.

Eric from Tea Finely Brewed asks a series of questions which we should all take into account every time we drink a tea, especially when approaching a new tea. These questions are always a good starting point if you review teas in a more competitive fashion.

Cinnabar at Gongfu Girl has a situation we would probably all love to be in the fact that she has teaware invading her office, in her quest to enjoy good tea when ever possible.

Jason from Walker tea review takes a deeper look into why there are problems incorporating tea into an office type environment. We can only hope for a better future in terms of tea in the corporate settings.

Kay from That Pour Girl talks about how easily it is for her to fit tea into her student life. She is a grad student just like I will be starting and it gives me hope that I can fit good tea into grad school work.

I hope you Enjoyed all of these Posts. Now onto my experiences:

I fit tea into my day to day life, sometimes easily sometimes with a bit of a struggle. The life of a student has been rather unpredictable. If I wasn't so much into Japanese tea, and getting in entire sessions of many infusions and using the proper teaware for the beverage, I would be taking much more tea to class.

But as I view homework time as tea time on a somewhat regular basis. I can not thank my Lin's kettle enough, as I fill it up with water, and put it on my electric hot plate and I work for 30-40 minutes till it boils, then its time for an hour long tea break, which will rejuvenate me and let me finish my work more easily.


Brett said...

Thanks for hosting the Blog Carnival Adam!

I wish I had been into tea during my "schooling years." (I really hated homework... maybe some good tea would have helped me get it done too.)

Gingko said...

Hi Adam, your earlier article "Making Tea as a University Student" addressed this topic well too!

The Darjeeling Darling said...

Thanks for hosting! Hopefully some non-tea drinkers will stumble across this and see that tea is not actually as complicated as they think it is (or at least, it isn't always). ha And good luck with grad school!

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